Can Venus Fly Traps Be Blue?

Since I own several Venus flytraps, many people ask me about the different color varieties of these amazing plants. Some ads advertise bright blue or purple Venus flytraps.

Blue or purple Venus flytraps do not exist. Any post of blue Venus flytrap seeds or plants is an online scam. There are several varieties of Venus flytrap, many with unique color schemes, but none is blue.

It would be amazing if blue Venus flytraps were real, but they do not exist. However, there are many unique Venus flytrap varieties that you can own. Keep on reading, and you will get a list of options.

What Colors Are Venus Flytraps?

The Venus flytrap is a unique carnivorous plant. There are only one species of Venus flytrap, which has a particular color pattern.

In the wild, Venus flytraps exhibit bright green and burgundy colors. The plan is mostly green, with red coloring inside the traps. The brightness of the colors can vary depending on the plant’s living environment.

Depending on which variety of Venus flytrap you observe, you might notice some differences. Even though there are only one species of Venus flytraps, humans have developed multiple varieties of Venus flytraps that highlight unique characteristics. These varieties are commonly called cultivars.

Some Venus Flytrap cultivars characterize with extensive red coloring, others substantially large traps. However, no blue Venus flytraps have been developed. All Venus flytraps have variations of their two primary colors: burgundy and green.

Are All Blue Venus Flytraps a Scam?

Lately, a vast number of online shops have started promoting listings for blue Venus Flytraps. Due to the uniqueness of the product, many people have fallen prey to these scams.

Blue Venus flytraps are not real; any shop advertising blue Venus flytrap products are a scam. Regardless of the product: either seeds or plants. The primary colors of Venus flytraps are red and green, and there are no other colors for these plants.

Scammers use color filters to highlight interesting colors for Venus flytraps such as purple, blue, or even bright pink. If you order any of these fake products, you might never receive your order. Also, in some cases, these vendors send a Venus flytrap to their customers, but the plant they send is a standard Venus flytrap sold at a premium price for no reason.

How to Avoid Scams When Buying Venus Flytraps

It isn’t very pleasant when you end up being scammed online. It is so convenient to buy plants online, especially when the species is uncommon. Unfortunately, many vendors sell fake seeds, plants, and related supplies. This is true for all plants; carnivorous plants are not an exception.

When buying Venus flytrap online, follow the tips below to avoid scams. Also, consider buying Venus flytraps at brick and mortar stores. Some stores like Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot sell Venus flytraps in their gardening section. Also, local nurseries might carry some varieties of carnivorous plants.

  • Do not purchase any Venus flytrap advertised to be any color other than green or red.
  • Avoid vendors without pictures or generic pictures of the Mario Bros Piranha Plant are not good sources.
  • Avoid vendors shipping plants from a completely different part of the world from when you are located. Shipping Venus flytraps is a common practice, but I do not trust long haul international shipment. They might be a scam, and if they are not, the plant might not make it alive.
  • Chose vendors with reviews or at least a chat function to track your order. Also, you can ask questions about the plant before purchasing to confirm the seller is real.
  • Preferably buy venus fly trap plants rather than seeds. Some scammers might send fake seeds that never germinate. It is harder to prove a scam when you do receive seeds but are uncertain if they are, in fact, Venus flytrap seeds.
  • Consider buying Venus flytraps from online nursery shops. There are several nurseries specialized in carnivorous plants that are trustworthy. If you do a quick search online, you can find a few options.

Are There Any Unique (and Real) Venus Flytrap Varieties?

Blue Venus flytraps are not a thing. However, you have many options beyond standard Venus flytraps. Here is a list of unique and beautiful Venus flytrap cultivars you can buy:

  • King Henry: Don Elkins of Mesa Exotics bred this cultivar. This variation was selected through size and was given a curious name. King Henry Venus flytrap are great looking plants that grow fast and mature within 2 years.
  • Akai Ryu: This cultivar is a completely red Venus flytrap, developed at the Atlanta Botanical garden. The leaves of the Akai Ryu exhibit a deep burgundy color all around. You can read an article on the Akai Ryu care here: Red Dragon Care Guide.
  • Dionaea Green Dragon: If you like the burgundy color but prefer to have some contrast, this Venus flytrap cultivar is right for you. This variation of Venus flytrap also exhibits a large amount of red coloring, like the Akai Ryu. However, the edges of each trap have a green border.
  • Dionaea Ginormous: This cultivar characterizes by huge traps. A fully grown trap is usually 1-inch in length. This cultivar is known for traps extending over 2 inches long. Since the traps are so large, they are not fully functional. One flap might close faster than the other.
  • Dionaea Dente: The Dionaea Dente produces medium-size plants with unique traps. The cilia in the border of each trap are usually long and pointy. The Dionaea Dente exhibits short and pointy cilia that resemble a saw.
  • Dionaea B-52: The B-52 variety is known as the giant Venus Flytrap. Mature traps reach 1.5 inches in length. The picture below is one of my B-52 Venus flytraps. Their trap size definitely captures people’s attention!
b 52 venus fly trap

Final Thoughts

I hope this article can help Venus flytrap enthusiasts avoid scams. Blue Venus flytraps seem like a great hope, but not a reality.

This website covers a wide variety of topics in regards to carnivorous plants. If you own a Venus flytrap or other carnivorous plant, many of my articles can be resources. For example, this article on carnivorous plant care is a great starting point for beginners:


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